Aesthetic Medicine


Aesthetic Medicine is a branch of medicine distinct from plastic surgery, focused on satisfying the aesthetic desires and goals of patients. It comprises all medical procedures in the field of aesthetic excluding all surgical procedures which require an operating table and general anesthesia.

This specialty is primarily focused on the pathophysiology of skin aging, and adheres to scientifically based procedures. Physicians practicing Aesthetic Medicine are trained in both invasive and non invasive treatment modalities, and typically utilize a combination to meet the needs of the patient.


 Photo-Video-Start-icon3 Botulinum Toxin
 Photo-Video-Start-icon3 Fillers
 Photo-Video-Start-icon3 Mesotherapy
 Photo-Video-Start-icon3 Peelings
 Photo-Video-Start-icon3 Laser
 Photo-Video-Start-icon3 Acne scars
 Photo-Video-Start-icon3 Striae Distensiae
 Photo-Video-Start-icon3 Cutaneous Check-up
 Photo-Video-Start-icon3 Surgical skin cleansing
 Photo-Video-Start-icon3 Cutaneous Needling
 Photo-Video-Start-icon3 Staminal cell cutaneous regenerative treatment
 Photo-Video-Start-icon3 Vamp Lift
 Photo-Video-Start-icon3 Depigmentation treatment
 Photo-Video-Start-icon3 Skin malformations removal