Laser CO2 Fractional ablative

Fractional laser resurfacing is indicated for the treatment of facial wrinkles and some inestetisms caused by photo-aging (spots, enlarged pores etc.), acne scars, melasma, cloasma and stretch marks.

The device acts through the so-called 'fractional photothermolysis'. The laser system emits different light beams that affect several small areas within the tissue. The percentage of skin affected by the laser thermal process is 20%. The remaining 80% of the skin is perfectly intact. The areas of denaturation are called MTZs (microtermal zones) and are surrounded by healthy skin which promote rapid healing through collagen and elastin production, stimulating epidermic cells proliferation, renewal and progressive flattening or disappearance of inestetisms. Treatments typically take 15-20 minutes and are performed under topical anesthesia. Three or more treatments are recommended with intervals of 20-30 days.