Surgical Radiofrequency

Surgical radiofrequency is a minimally invasive treatment to reduce fat deposits, model the body and favour skin tightening. BodyTite treatment is preferred to traditional liposuction in patients with poor skin elasticity.
The radiofrequency BodyTite is recommended in all cases of skin laxity or poor retraction.

The result is a redesigned contour, with compaction and tightening of the skin, due to radiofrequency action. Final results with this methodology are achieved after 6-12 weeks, but immediate improvement, around 30%, is obtained after surgery. Scientific studies show that BodyTite promotes better tissue contraction than traditional liposuction, reducing post-operative discomfort.

Indications include: liposuction, tightening and remodeling of abdomen, hip, thighs, arms and buttocks, cellulite reduction, jaw and neck contour definition.

BodyTite (Surgical RF) is performed in day surgery and typically last 1-3 hours. Recovery is fast and post-operative discomfort minimal.

The technology, called RFAL (Radiofrequency assisted liposuction), uses RF to heat target tissues, favoring adipocytes destruction. Uniform heating process allows greater uniformity in tissue reshaping and improvement of skin tone. Successive fat aspiration is less traumatic, helping therefore a reduction in bruising, edema and post-operative pain compared to traditional liposuction.


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