Facial implants

Facial implants are solid, non reabsorbable medical devices that allow to model or improve facial structure or augment particular features. The most common materials used are silicone and medpor. Different facial areas can be treated; zigomatic, malar, lips, chin. Their use remain an alternative for fat grafting refractory patients or with scarse fat deposits.


Permalip implant is an FDA approved silicone prosthesis specifically designed for lip augmentation. It is placed under local anesthetics through a small incision in the oral commissure and allows a safe and permanent result with minimal downtime.

Permalip is indicated specially in patients with small lips that are willing to augment them without the need of multiple sessions of dermal fillers, which in this area are associated with rapid reabsorption.

The prosthesis is made of a very soft, solid silicone that cannot rupture or deflate and may be removed anytime if needed. The anatomically shaped implant allows a natural correction and comes in different sizes and lengths to suit the specific case.

Permalip implant is positioned with the aid of a curved cannula, designed by Dr Torres, which has allowed to decrease the downtime and swelling after the procedure.