Fat Grafting

What is fat grafting?

Fat grafting is a natural, safe and non-allergenic technique that serves to restore or accentuate volumes of certain areas of the face or body that vary from ideal due to aging, weight loss or physical conformation. Fat grafting can also correct post-traumatic or surgical defects, and acne scars. Fat is aspirated from donor sites such as thighs or abdomen and transplanted to the desired receptor site.

How is it done?

Structural fat grafting is performed under local anesthesia with the aid of small atraumatic cannulas.

What are the advantages?

Permanent and natural volumetric augmentation, and skin quality improvements, secondary to the regenerative capacity of the stem cells present within the adipose tissue.

How is therecovery?

Mild discomfort or swelling, controllable with medication or ice packs are observed during the first 48 hours.

Regular social activities can be re-established from the second week after the procedure.

Graft take is around 80%, the remaining tissue is reabsorbed in the first 3 months. This leads to possible future retouches.

Adult stem cells Therapy (ASC) for enhanced fat grafting

ASC'S are present within the stromal vascular factor of adipose tissue. Their presence is related to skin regeneration, primary adipocyte integration and inflammatory control.
Two methods are available for Adult Stem cells THERAPY extraction; ex vivo expansion and filter methodologies.
Dr Torres is one of the most up-dated physicians in the matter, and part of different research programs in the area and performs regular treatments with the use of ASC.

Breast fat grafting

Breast fat grafting is a safe and mini invasive procedure that allows to increase moderately mammary dimension and tonicity. It is based on a lipo transference from a donor site to the desired region to benefit from the volumetric expansion. Advantages include; the use of autologous tissue, natural effect, inferior costs than implants, and the possibility to be performed under local anesthesia. Eventual retouches are necessary to achieve desired size or effect.


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