Orthognathic Surgery

maxillofacialOrthognathic surgery is a surgical procedure for the treatment of maxillary skeletal disharmonies, malocclusions, sleep apnea and TMJ disorders and the achievement of an aesthetic facial balance. Improvements are verified in 3 dimensions: facial aesthetics, airway and occlusion.

Surgery is performed under general anesthesia after an accurate diagnosis and planning (together with the orthodontist), repositioning the maxillo mandibular complex in a manner that satisfies all previously determined goals. Patient’s motivations for this procedure are mainly aesthetic, being facial remodelling capable of achieving dramatic improvements.

Frequently is associated to other procedures like fat grafting, rhinoplasty, mentoplasty or endoscopic face lift to achieve a global facial result. Dr Torres has an intense training in the technique, having work or visited worldwide recognized centers in USA, Spain, Italy and Finland.


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