rinoplastica Medical Rhinoplasty

Rinofiller is a mini invasive procedure that consists filler substances injections, to modify external nasal structure due to aesthetic or functional requests. It forsees an adequate knowledge of the anatomical area involved and generally allows a temporary aesthetic improvement (12-18m). The most common materials used are HA and CaHa. The main indications are: small humps, slight projection defects, aesthetic dorsal lines accentuation, nasal antiaging or small defects post rhinoplasty.

Surgical Rhinoplasty- Open vs Closed Approach

Tecnically the surgery is performed through endonasal or transcollumellar approach, being the last the preferred technique of Dr Torres, because grants adequate structure exposure, correct diagnosis and precise suture placement, reducing the probability of revisions.

In case of secondary rhinoplasty (one or more prior nasal surgeries), the procedure is technically more challenging. In fact, nasal support structures have been previously deformed or destroyed from previous surgery, so the surgeon must reconstruct nasal support with cartilage grafts, taken from auricular or costal cartilage.


Recovery period is quick and generally well tolerated, being the procedure performed in day surgery. The convalescence last around one week. External sutures and splints are removed after 4-5 days, and the external cast after 1 week. Periorbital bruising, present in case of nasal fractures, heal after 2 weeks.

Throughout the first year postop, tissues are modified settling into the new structure, achieving 30% of the final result at 3 months, 60% at 6 months and 90% at 9-12 months.


The rhinofiller technique is the placement of a volumetric material to modify the external or internal aspect of the nose, with aesthetic or functional purposes. Being an advanced infiltrative methodology it presuppose adequate anatomical knowledge of the related area and accurate placement of the substance employed.

Rhinofiller can be a valuable tool in the aesthetic armamentarium due to it mini invasive characteristics, almost no downtime, immediate results, and very low risks in experienced hands.

The procedure is perfomed under local anesthetics with the aid of an atraumatic blunt tip cannula, and takes 15 minutes to be completed.

The choice of the material and experience are vital to avoid complications.

The indications of rhinofiller include: minor dorsal humps, asymmetric aesthetic dorsal lines, deficit in tip projection, post rhinoplasty defects and nasal aging.

Dr. Torres has just published his rhinofiller technique in the European journal of aesthetic dermatology and has patented a special cannula to perform the procedure. He gives lectures and train physicians worldwide in the matter.

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