By Monica


16 Nov 2015


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By Patrizia

June 30, 2014

I did treatment with botulinum toxin 6 months ago in Milan by a doctor that was said very good but the result was a bit 'devastating I was swollen nose between the eye and the other the upper eyelids and puffy up to 6 months and where the needle has entered all swollen and I kept the ice. though a bit 'of the result I got. Having a bit 'of silicone in the front I was terrified to do it again luckily I guessed the right doctor, I felt very prepared and informed about the latest techniques with regard to cosmetic surgery so I decided to do it again, no swelling where the needle entered no swelling on the eyes and nose, and after 5 days are 10 years younger I can not say anything other than thank you.

By Vittorio

October 15, 2013

Exquisite person in the human even before professional. Sleek and stylish


October 7, 2013

I am fully satisfied with the result, beyond my expectations. Professionalism, preparation, expertise, unquestionable.

By Manuela

September 18, 2013

I am very satisfied! Reception by the excellent staff (two girls stunning !), You feel immediately at ease. Dr. Sebastian, wonderful person both from the human and professional. Result on me: perfect. In the future, any need for medical aesthetics,  I know that I will turn exclusively to Dr. Torres.

By Lucia

September 9, 2013

Hello, this doctor is really phenomenal... I wonder more and more his sincerity and professionalism...it is truly and honestly and in good faith with gentleness...if there is something on which we disagree, I'll explain to induce you to reflection...before a needle or a cannula. Thank you, doctor, Lucia

By Rita

June 4, 2013

I was very satisfied by the visit, I will make the treatment as soon as possible.

By Lucia

May 23, 2013

Good evening, which are simply a specific patient, and I felt almost compelled to have to write, what is now rare to find in a doctor... never left alone , carefully and scrupulously attenzionata, he and l.eqipe, which collabora. Per me is between the numbers one and Catania... are really very few here.... hope it does not run away :-)

By Elena

May 22, 2013

Good evening, the doctor is very attentive to the patient, both from the medical point of view... that human is honest, and respects what is asked of him, giving professional advice but of course its not-for- lucro. Certainly is well aware economic issues, and offers discounts, subsidized payments...DESERVES MUCH, and tell him I wish with all my heart.

By Lucia

May 20, 2013

Good evening, I consider myself lucky, the doctor is seriously dedicated and professional,  but above all knows how to do his job, with great care, taking care of the patient in two ways : aesthetic and psychological. I wish him a wonderful career,  he deserves it.