European Maxillo facial surgery was born from an intuition of the plastic surgery pioneers; Dr Paul Tessier (in France) and Dr Fernando Ortiz Monasterio (in Mexico), who developed the techniques capable of modifying and improving the shape of the hard tissues (bone) for the treatment of craniofacial anomalies, and facial trauma that permitted a more global correction that what was allowed by plastic surgery at that time. The former along with the techniques of Dr Hugo Obwegeser (Switzerland) for the modification of Dental malocclusions, permitted the birth of a new branch of plastic, named Maxillo facial surgery.

These new branch was for the first time able of mastering the modification of hard and soft tissues for a global modification within the face.

European Maxillo facial surgeons are considered the engenieers of the facial skeleton,

being trained in Facial Trauma, Oncology, Microsurgery, Malformations, Dental and Aesthetic surgery.

We the creation of the multispecialty and the division of medicine; many specialties have gotten into aesthetics, but only the well trained physicians that truly commit to aesthetics as principal or only discipline succeed in time.