Volume & Expression

Infiltratives are the Achilles’s heel (weakness area) of the majority of facial surgeons that tend to believe that minimally invasive techniques are

sort of too soft or simple for them. A common belief is that infiltratives should be kept inside the medical practice, but performed by a different physician than the surgeon him/herself. Aesthetic physicians are frequently afraid of performing intermediate to advanced techniques, and tend to stay in their field of comfort with only partial resolution of the patients inestetisms.

There is a path that unify both visions; Volume & Expression

This course analyzes the different aspects of facial rejuvenation through infiltratives focusing on the intermediate to advanced techniques and discussing all the controversial and new trends within this area. An important time is given to practical activities, and each of the assistants will have the time to perform the procedures under tutor guidance.

A full day of facial fat grafting with live surgery allows the audience to observe and learn the newest technologies regarding the use of fat in the face, and a multiexpert panel will present the highlights of the procedure to get reliable and reproducible results.

A facial volume analysis and treatment protocol is provided, making the difficult, simpler.

No matter what is your level, you will come back with knowledge and skills you would not imagine possible.


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